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Dark Skinned Vixen

I was fortunate this past Thursday to be a featured guest of Diiva Chat Radio. I honestly felt like I was in my aunties backyard just chilling with my cousins. I couldn’t be any realer than that.

This hidden gem consist of Ms. Diiva; Dj A. Wobbz; BoomZ and DJ Tech12 who make up Diiva Talk Radio Show.

Now you have four different personalities that’s just the right recipe for Great Flavor. Ms. Diiva is beautiful, smart and full of life; she’s the best friend but “we really grew up like sisters” type. Then you have DJ A. Wobbz who is the fun cousin; jokes for days, keeps it real at all times type. Now you have BoomZ very cool, laid back more so like the cousin who somehow turns into your brother because he never goes home type. (We all have a cousin turned brother/sister) LOL.

Last but not the least, DJ Tech12. Hands down he is the little brother I never had; smart, free flowing, trendy and a showstopper.

Our topic was about The Do’s and Don’ts of Social Media. We spoke about how men react to a woman’s comments and/or posts. We explored the different ways men and women view social media as a whole. (To hear more about the discussion check out RealDealFM.com) I am pleased to have been welcomed in with open arms and friendly jokes into the group. From the time we started you could tell they have a unique chemistry between the four of them. You can definitely tell individually they can uphold their own views and opinions during discussion. You also sense there is a strong bond here almost cliquish amongst the foursome. Everyone flowed off of each other, in sync without trip ups or hesitation… Flawless Talk Radio.

With a variety of music and topics to entertain the masses, how could they not take over the airwaves? As we bounced our thoughts around on current topics such as the most recent cops against people and normal day to day items (To hear more about the discussion check out RealDealFM.com) I didn’t feel like we were even being recorded. Everyone was interacting and giving positive opinions. With the DJ’s are playing everything you would want to hear while hanging with friends, heading to your next destination or just cleaning the house. They definitely had their listeners jamming.

Only the future knows what is beyond our eyesight but I can definitely say I see a very bright future ahead… it’s so bright you’re going to need shades. Keep up the wonderful work.

Check out Diiva Chat Radio every Thursday from 10pm – 12am. “Ms. Vixen says so!!!!”

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