Love & Fashion was developed on a diverse social media plateau to give people an opportunity to express themselves while bettering the community. We aim to develop communities in all boroughs by bringing art events to areas that have been abandoned while simultaneously collecting funds to reinvest into the same areas. We aim to assist in the development of more green streets, parks and safe recreational areas for people of all ages to cohabit. At our events celebrity guests will be co-mingling with everyday people  to put together extraordinary events for the general population as well as VIP guests.  The same locations will also be used to host community events and to educate the public on important topics such as our upcoming Charity Fundraiser for S.C.T.P.N  (Sickle Cell Thalassemia Patients Network). During the ongoing phases of our journey we decided to implement on September of this year Love & Fashion’s talent search, where we feature a new artist every 2 weeks by promoting them and their skillset(s). Once a year we will host an event where the same individuals used in our bi-weekly talent can come to perform live.
Our talent search is organized by Linette Vega also known by her stage name as Preciouz. Preciouz herself is a poet and was our first featured guest. She aims to showcase artists on all levels working to pursue their passions at all costs. She looks for artists gifted in both visual arts and fine arts working to perfect their craft. Preciouz believes “The road to perfection is never an easy one but in order to maintain your craft, you must cultivate it.”
The talent search, our newest endeavor was manifested  after numerous showcases were organized and assisted by Love &  Fashion where we featured designers, rappers, dancers, musicians, models, chefs, camera teams and many other services. At each event we wanted to bestow the opportunity for new individuals guided by our staff  to showcase their craft. But doing a few shows every year was not enough. We still felt as if we could do more to provide exposure for people, hence the start of our talent search featuring new artists every 2 weeks. It’s hard to run a company let alone an event with an extremely limited budget, and now we were faced with creating a platform for 26 new talents a year which made the journey itself seem that more unyielding but yet we continued to make progress. Currently all expenses are being handled out of pocket solely by the owner of the company, who appreciates when he receives assistance from  volunteers found seeking through social media along with a long list of clientele achieved over the years.
It was transparent that more was still needed to help fund our projects so we started “Love & Fashion Bookings”. With a long list of clients, business partners and friends that were made along our journey, we were always able to help friends and business partners find the services needed for their events. The only thing we had to do was turn it into a profitable scenario for our company. By adding a small service charge for promoting people’s businesses from front of house  to back of house services as well as pre production and production services. This enabled us to make a few extra dollars to help us pay for more equipment, promotional content, services needed to run the company and help fund our events leaving us in a much better situation. However, your help is still needed. Volunteers and sponsors are needed to assist in the development of our production(s); to help give opportunities to more people and to help the company expand where we will be able to help other individuals beyond just in the five boroughs.

“We realize the journey may be difficult and trying at times but one thing will always remain the same.
Love & Fashion will always be a company for the people, ALL people.” Quoted from Tray Lover owner of L&F